Monday, October 24, 2011

Kindle Daily Deal - Update 10/24

Just a quick update on the Kindle Daily Deal post we did two weeks ago...

This time, we are grabbing twelvel consecutive KDDs to see how well they perform after the promotion.  The table below shows each title, along with the number of days on the Kindle Bestseller List and the price it returned to after the promotion.  Note that in a few cases, the price was adjusted more than once by Amazon so we use the last one while the title was still a bestseller.
DateTitleDays on ListNormal Price
1-OctBreakfast of Champions53.99
2-OctMercury Falls92.99
3-OctThe Hangman's Daughter147.99
4-OctThe Justice Game48.69
5-OctWinter Sea67.39
6-OctToday We Are Rich49.20
7-OctCelia and the Fairies42.99
8-OctEye of the God59.99
10-OctBrown's Requiem69.99
11-OctSlim to None102.99
13-OctKitchen Confidential66.63

All of these titles were top-5 on the day of the KDD as we noted before.  Most were the #1 title on the list.  All were also reduced to either $0.99 or $1.99 for the day.  One thing we see is that there is little correlation between the subsequent price of the ebook and the length of time it stays on the bestseller list.  Even the two titles that were former bestsellers, "The Hangman's Daughter" and "Winter Sea" don't show any consistent pattern.

We did see a bit of spillover effect for one of the titles.  Jenny Gardiner (Slim to None) saw another of her titles (apparently self-published) reach rank 99 on 10/11 (same day 'Slim to None' was the KDD). 

Susanna Kearsley had a new title out (Rose Garden on 10/1) just a few days before Amazon put Winter Sea up for KDD and even though that title was selling well, it jumped from rank 43 to 19 on 10/5 which was very likely driven in large part by increased exposure through the other book.  That book, in turn, may have been responsible for why Winter Sea continued to sell so well after the promotion ended.

So in general, no real surprises this time.  We just see confirmation that this is one of the most effective promotions in the Amazon arsenal and shows the power to make nearly any title a hit for at least four days, often longer.


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