Friday, June 17, 2011

'Sunshine Deals' Ends With a Bang

Just a quick post tonight to show something interesting and unexpected that happened yesterday to the Kindle Bestseller List.

It looks like 'Sunshine Deals' ended twice!  We noted in the last post that the average daily price rebounded pretty much fully during the second week of the promotion as the premium-priced titles returned to the top-100.  Well when the deal ended, the average price shot up again, by a record one-day amout ($1.46), to the highest average price ($8.93) we've seen in seven months of covering the list.

The number of sub-$3 books on the list dropped from 41 to 21, with most of those gains split between the middle bands ($3-$7.99 and $8-$9.99).  In fact, the distribution is now stronger towards the higher-priced books than it was before the promotion started by far.

This is very possibly a short-term rebound and the numbers may very well return to their pre-promotion levels in another day or two.  We'll analyze the numbers and watch how the next few days play out and report back as soon as there's more to tell.


  1. I just discovered your blog. This is fabulous information. Thanks for taking time to analyze and post it!

  2. Just a quick update to this. Three days later the average price has held on pretty well to this new high. It has bee $8.72 the past two days, still far above the pre-Sunshine price of roughly $7.90.

  3. My personal theory is the average jumped due to crazed watchers of Game of Thrones rushing to pick up the second book of the series now that the TV season has come to an end :)